You Need to Find Help Quickly when Your Business Life Has a Snag

My husband and I ran our property management business together until I found out that he was cheating on me with one of our employees. I found out when he and the the employee didn’t show up for a cleaning project one day. I had to rush to call a company that is known for doing moving out cleaning for Singapore business owners right away. The tenant was moving in just two days later, and I didn’t have time to let the cleaning project sit. I wanted to break down, but I had to keep moving forward and handle things at work.

No matter what, you have to keep going when you are a business owner. I’ve been through so many things in my relationship, but the worst thing ever was to find out that my husband was cheating. It was hard knowing that I trusted our employee, and that employee was doing things behind my back as I gave her work directions on a daily basis. I felt embarrassed, but it is not fair for me to feel that way because I’m not the one who did something wrong.

When I found out that my marriage was over, I wanted to go home and hide away for a month. After I hired someone to do the cleaning job, I did go home and spend the rest of the evening by myself. I packed up all of my husband’s belongings in boxes and I put them outside on the front porch. The next day, I got up as normal and went to work because that is what you need to do when you are the boss. You can’t call in sick when there are people who need you to be there for them when they need you. I’ve already told my soon-to-be ex-husband that I will split the business with him, and I will make my new company even better.