Working on a Little App Project

I got this idea the other day when I was talking to this guy who was telling me that there were all sorts of programs for spying on other people’s messaging apps. There are literally hundreds of these spying apps, one of them lets you snoop on snapchat conversation. I think this is called snaphack and I played around with it, using my tablet and my phone to see how it worked. Of course my interest in how it works is based in the idea that an effective countermeasure might be a profitable app if I could develop it. All of these messaging platforms work in similar ways and in many case maintaining security is a rather important concept. Not all of the application involves thirteen year old girls talking about their favorite boy bands or who is cute at school. Some of the time the people chatting are involved in serious matters, like things that involve profit and loss. Those people have to worry that their competitors could be listening in.

At any rate no one is going to want to have uninvited guests on their private conversations. In fact this stuff is interesting so far as it’s legality goes to me. It seems that a lot of the time this is legal because the person who is doing the spying is at the same time the owner of the phone or device that is being hacked. If you buy a phone and give it to your son or your daughter or your wife, then there is not much to prevent you from legally spying on that phone. So a lot of the time this is used by parents to see if their kids are doing the sort of thing that parents do not want their kids to be doing. Or if one spouse suspects the other of cheating.