Wondering if I Should Move to Australia

Of course in a couple of months this may seem like a much easier decision, right now it is summer here where I am living right now. In a few months it will be freezing cold here, while in Australia it is going to be summer in the Southern hemisphere. As best I can tell there is not that big of a difference between winter and summer in that part of the world, Australia is pretty close to the equator. I found this Australia pr application and did some research a couple of weeks ago, it turns out that they have a pretty big demand for people like me over there and they will encourage emigration if you fit the right profile. Of course they are not really interested in the impoverished refugees that try to illegally enter the country from the poor countries of Southeast Asia, like Myanmar, Indonesia and so forth. However if you are educated and you have business skills like I do, then they will welcome you with open arms.

Obviously the part where you are living on a huge long beach with thousands of beautiful girls in bikinis, that appeals to me in a very guttural way. When I was a boy I used to love going to Myrtle Beach, SC and having fun in the ocean. It was a great way to have a vacation and I would surely enjoy that if I can manage to find a place near the beach. This job is really close to the beaches of New South Wales, of which there are a lot and they stretch for great distances. However I really need to figure out what the cost of living is in Australia, because that is obviously important when you think about whether or not you are better off taking a new job.