Why I Hired an SEO Expert

It is very possible to have a fantastic website with very little traffic. The reasoning makes sense too, when you learn about it. I knew that I needed to hire an Atlanta SEO consultant after a friend of mine explained why my website was failing so miserably even though it was really nice. He told me to picture myself owning a fantastic store that had great products at incredible prices. I would have some foot traffic because of word of mouth, but that would be it unless I advertised so others knew about it.

That made sense to me. If I had a brick and mortar business, I would need to take out advertisements. The way online business works is through search engine optimization though. Most people will do an online search if they need something, and they will often go to the first or second result on the page of results that comes up after their search. I know this firsthand because I do the exact same thing myself. But, getting on that first page, and at the top of it, is the secret that I did not know.

He told me that an SEO professional would be able to help me with it. He explained that while he and I may not understand all the ins and outs of getting great page ranking for our respective websites, that an SEO specialist would be able to do that for us. I did a search, figuring I would see which ones are on the first page. I then looked at their websites, and that is how I picked the company that I wanted to use to help me get a better page ranking on search engine results. Since I did that, I am now doing so much better. It is hard to believe that my business went from non-existent to what it is now!