They Got My Daughter off of the Sauce

Young adult addiction treatment facilities really can help your daughter or your son beat an unhealthy addiction. My family recently went through a situation with my daughter, whose alcohol problem quickly became unmanageable after she went away to the university. College wasn’t the problem, however, as she had a problem throughout high school that my wife and I couldn’t prevent no matter what we tried. In a way I blame myself because I have always been a drinker and I think she picked up the habit from watching me crack open cold ones after work and on the weekends.

We caught her drinking several times throughout high school, and she threw a couple of parties at our home while we were away that required police intervention. Still, we just though (or maybe hoped) it was one of those youthful indulgences that would fade once she moved out and got on with her life. We certainly didn’t think it was chronic alcoholism. We never saw her going through alcohol withdrawals and she never stole money to buy alcohol as far as we knew. We figured she just liked to drink and maybe greater responsibilities would put an end to it.

When she almost died at school, we knew she needed help. We got her into a recovery program at a great place filled with caring people and counselors. Everyone at this treatment center cares deeply about helping patients kick their drug and/or alcohol problem. They taught her life skills that she can use to overcome her problem and become a productive member of society. She seemed like a different person when she came back home and we’re thrilled that she seems to have her old zest for life. She’s already landed a job and plans on going back to university next semester.