The Fastest Way to Move Forward

I used a forge of empires cheat as a way to thwart my friend, who loves the game and plays multiple times a day. We both started around the same time, but he’s made a lot more progress than I have. He started to get a bit cocky and said we should have a contest to see who could make the most progress in the game for one week. I talked him into putting some money on this harmless little wager and agreed to play against him. I have a job so he of course thought he would blow me out.

Little did he know I was going to use some sort of hack or cheat to steamroller him. I spent some time online trying to find a cheat that would work, and work well. I didn’t want to lose my money using some lousy, easily traceable hack that would result in me looking awful (and losing the bet at the same time). I finally found exactly what I was looking for online. Even better, they guarantee you won’t get caught using it. Tens of thousands of users certainly couldn’t be wrong. It was worth a shot and I took it.

One week later the look on my friend’s face when I showed him my progress was definitely worth the time I spent finding the cheat. He simply couldn’t understand how I worked and yet still found the time to do better than him. He made a lot of noise but did hand over the money. I know I should probably feel bad, but it’s all good. I took him out to eat with his money. Also, the cheat ended up being a good thing because it got me a lot more interested in the game. Now I’m playing straight and really enjoying it.