Taking a Chance to Move

My husband got transferred to another country. We knew that he was going to get transferred, as he got a big promotion but we had no idea where we were going to end up. We got transferred to the great country of Singapore. Right away we got in touch with Singapore movers to help us figure out the best way to get our belongings over to our new country. It seemed like it was going to be very expensive to move all of our furniture over to the other side of the world, so we decided that we were going to sell everything that we had and we were going to buy new furniture over in Singapore.

There are many things that we are going to have to get used to. We live in the suburbs in the United States and we are going to be going to the big city, and that is going to take a lot to getting used to. I am looking forward to living in an apartment and not having to worry about taking care of a lawn or worry about branches hanging over my house. I think that this is going to be a great change for our lifestyle as well. Since we are not going to have a car and we are going to be living in the city, we are going to have to walk everywhere we go.

Our families do not understand why we want to move, but they also have not seen much of what is outside of our country. I feel very fortunate to have been able to go and travel to very unique places, and I feel very happy that now I can move to a very special part of the world that not many Americans have seen.