Storms Took Down Some Trees

I was not too worried about a few trees that were downed during a bad storm a few months ago. They were not close to the house, so I knew that I had time before I had to hire a company that does tree removal in Nassau County. I just did not have the money at the time because we were getting ready to go away on vacation, so I decided to put it off until we got back from the beach. As soon as we got home, that was the first thing on my list.

We have never had to have any trees removed before, so I asked my neighbor which tree company he used when he had some taken down last year. He had told us in general conversation that the price was really good, and that was something that I had always remembered. After getting their contact information, I gave them a call and explained about the three trees that we needed taken care of. Someone came by the next day to take a look at the trees and to give us a quote on how much it would cost.

The price they gave was within what we had budgeted for this, and I scheduled them to come out that weekend. I was really happy that they were able to come out when my husband would be home since he has long work hours throughout the week. By the time they were done removing the three trees, there was little evidence that there were even three trees standing there before the storm. They did not leave any mess behind either, which I really appreciated because yard work is one of the things that no one in our family likes to do. All in all, I can see why my neighbor spoke so highly of them, because we are in that club now too.