Presentation is ALways Important in Business

While browsing the Internet one day for some funny videos to watch, I found a pop up ad, with the message “click here”. I didn’t need an invoice for any reason, but I had a friend who did. My friend is an up and coming game developer, and he has already made a few games for the PC. He sells the games from his website. I’ve played the games, and they are pretty good, but there’s just one thing that irks me. Whenever you buy the game from his website, he sends an email with the access code for the game in an invoice.

Normally, there would be nothing wrong with this, but for my friend, this wasn’t too great for him, because his invoice looked terrible. The invoice looked like something I could have thrown together in a paint application in no time, and I’m terrible at using the paint application. I’ve told him that he needs to make the invoice look better, but he didn’t listen to me. He told me that the invoice wasn’t really important, and that the game was the only thing that mattered to the customers. He didn’t realize that everything is important, including presentation.

I sent my friend the link from the pop up ad and told him to go there and get a new invoice. He didn’t want to do it, but after enough coaxing, I was able to talk him into doing it. He downloaded the template and used it in place of the old one. He assured me that the invoice itself didn’t matter at all. I told him to put a survey on his website to see if the customers liked the new invoice and he agreed. Two weeks after he started using the invoice, he shared with me the results of the poll. Everyone liked the new invoice.