Pay Stubs Proving Her Worth

When my daughter asked me if I would be able to find a real paystub maker for her to teach her kids about their money, I was able to do even better than that. I found one that had everything she wanted in it, and it was inexpensive and very easy to use too. She gives her children 20 dollars every week, but she didn’t think they were appreciating it. That might seem like a high allowance, but it is actually not much compared to what my daughter makes in a year.

She wanted the kids to see what their allowance would look like if she took deductions out of it. She explained how her boss takes deductions from her own pay for various things like health insurance, taxes, life insurance, vision care, and more. She then explained how she does take deductions from them for things like doing their laundry, cooking their meals, transporting them to and from various school activities and so many other things. I knew she would never dream of charging them for that, but she did want them to understand that they were getting a really good deal with their allowance.

I showed her the pay stub maker I had found, and she was able to finally demonstrate her point to them by printing up a pay stub for each of them. She did it for one month’s worth of allowances, and she also detailed very low rates for everything she does for them. So, for one month, they were each given 80 dollars in allowance. For that same month, she deducted well over 80 dollars for all the things she does for them. When they saw it spelled out like that, they understood that they really needed to do more to not only earn their allowance but to give their mom a break. These pay stubs showed them what a great mom they do have!