Looking to Expand Our Product Line

We have decided that we need to expand our business a little if we want to bring in more money. Right now it is a cross between a beauty shop and a barber shop, but of course it used to be the garage of the house that Lida and I bought about a year ago. So we have started to deal in wigs and hair extensions. It is a pretty tough thing for you to know about before you see the product. For example we have people wanting to sell us my natural hair extensions. However you have to have the extensions in your hands so you can see what they look like and what they feel like as well. Continue reading Looking to Expand Our Product Line

The Importance of Reading and Studying the Classics

Five Ancient Roman Sources Every Roman History Major Should Read ...For centuries, education in the West was based around an in-depth study of the Greek and Latin classics. In recent decades, however, these classic works have fallen off of the curriculum in many schools. Far too many students are able to graduate from high school without ever reading a play by Sophocles or Aeschylus, or without encountering Plato, Cicero, Horace or any of the other literary giants of the Greek and Roman world. However, without having at least a passing familiarity with these writers, it can be difficult to fully understand much of the literature that comes after their time.

Much of the Western canon involves a reaction or response to these earlier writers. Continue reading The Importance of Reading and Studying the Classics

Just Because the Text is Old Does Not Mean It’s Not Useful

 ... Greek mythology has strongly influenced Western art and literatureThere are many people that feel that ancient literature is completely outdated. Even though no one can debate the fact that ancient literature is very old, it is very important to consider the content of some pieces of ancient literature before completely ruling out the fact that it does not have any benefit for us today. There are many people that spend almost their entire life studying writings from Bronze Age Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt to early medieval works from the fifth to ninth century AD.

One reason that people have taken such an interest in these ancient writings it is because they feel like we can learn a lot about past civilizations based on the writings that have been left for us. Continue reading Just Because the Text is Old Does Not Mean It’s Not Useful