Pay Stubs Proving Her Worth

When my daughter asked me if I would be able to find a real paystub maker for her to teach her kids about their money, I was able to do even better than that. I found one that had everything she wanted in it, and it was inexpensive and very easy to use too. She gives her children 20 dollars every week, but she didn’t think they were appreciating it. That might seem like a high allowance, but it is actually not much compared to what my daughter makes in a year.

She wanted the kids to see what their allowance would look like if she took deductions out of it. She explained how her boss takes deductions from her own pay for various things like health insurance, taxes, life insurance, vision care, and more. She then explained how she does take deductions from them for things like doing their laundry, cooking their meals, transporting them to and from various school activities and so many other things. Continue reading Pay Stubs Proving Her Worth

Storms Took Down Some Trees

I was not too worried about a few trees that were downed during a bad storm a few months ago. They were not close to the house, so I knew that I had time before I had to hire a company that does tree removal in Nassau County. I just did not have the money at the time because we were getting ready to go away on vacation, so I decided to put it off until we got back from the beach. As soon as we got home, that was the first thing on my list.

We have never had to have any trees removed before, so I asked my neighbor which tree company he used when he had some taken down last year. He had told us in general conversation that the price was really good, and that was something that I had always remembered. Continue reading Storms Took Down Some Trees

My House Was Too Hot Without AC

I had no idea just how spoiled I have become. If anyone would have asked me if I could go without air conditioning, I would have laughed at how ridiculous the question was. That was only until I had to go without my air for a couple of days. I was so miserable that I actually went to my mom’s house and stayed until I was able to get HVAC services in NYC to come out and take a look at my unit. I had no idea what was wrong with it, and I was not about to leave it to someone who is not a professional in that area.

The only thing I knew to do was to go online and look at the different companies that provide this type of service to residential customers. Before doing this, I had called someone that my neighbor had recommended, but they were not able to come out for almost a week away. There was no way I would be able to survive that! So, that is when I went online to see what I would be able to find on my own. I have to say I did a really good job of finding someone too!

The repairman that came out was extremely professional and friendly, and he actually explained what he was doing so I would not be left in the dark. It turned out that it needed a few small parts to it, and he happened to have them on his truck. He also cleaned it for me, and he suggested that I have it serviced at least once a year before the hot season even begins. He told me that I may have been able to avoid this if I had it inspected earlier this year. I am definitely doing that next spring, because I never want this to happen again.

Taking a Chance to Move

My husband got transferred to another country. We knew that he was going to get transferred, as he got a big promotion but we had no idea where we were going to end up. We got transferred to the great country of Singapore. Right away we got in touch with Singapore movers to help us figure out the best way to get our belongings over to our new country. It seemed like it was going to be very expensive to move all of our furniture over to the other side of the world, so we decided that we were going to sell everything that we had and we were going to buy new furniture over in Singapore.

There are many things that we are going to have to get used to. We live in the suburbs in the United States and we are going to be going to the big city, and that is going to take a lot to getting used to. Continue reading Taking a Chance to Move

I Finally Figured out Where My Passion is in Life

Going to school was something that I always did because I liked seeing my friends. This is something that always bothered my parents. They worried that I might one day be a failure when it comes to the work world. But they did not need to fear, because once I grew older and had my first chance to take a visual communication course at school, I found my passion. I found what would give me my drive for the rest of my life.

I was never all that interested in what all my teachers had to say each day when I was in elementary school. They just droned on and on about things that did not seem very important to me. I did not fail any of my courses, but I also didn’t do wonderfully in them either. I really did not understand why I needed to learn really hard math because I just could not see how it would need to apply to live every day. Everything bored me. Continue reading I Finally Figured out Where My Passion is in Life

Wondering if I Should Move to Australia

Of course in a couple of months this may seem like a much easier decision, right now it is summer here where I am living right now. In a few months it will be freezing cold here, while in Australia it is going to be summer in the Southern hemisphere. As best I can tell there is not that big of a difference between winter and summer in that part of the world, Australia is pretty close to the equator. I found this Australia pr application and did some research a couple of weeks ago, it turns out that they have a pretty big demand for people like me over there and they will encourage emigration if you fit the right profile. Continue reading Wondering if I Should Move to Australia

Working on a Little App Project

I got this idea the other day when I was talking to this guy who was telling me that there were all sorts of programs for spying on other people’s messaging apps. There are literally hundreds of these spying apps, one of them lets you snoop on snapchat conversation. I think this is called snaphack and I played around with it, using my tablet and my phone to see how it worked. Of course my interest in how it works is based in the idea that an effective countermeasure might be a profitable app if I could develop it. All of these messaging platforms work in similar ways and in many case maintaining security is a rather important concept. Not all of the application involves thirteen year old girls talking about their favorite boy bands or who is cute at school. Some of the time the people chatting are involved in serious matters, like things that involve profit and loss. Those people have to worry that their competitors could be listening in.

At any rate no one is going to want to have uninvited guests on their private conversations. Continue reading Working on a Little App Project

My Wife Offers Armed Security when I Am on Wildlife Photo Shoots Where Dangerous Game Also Live

I like outdoor photography. I get some of my best wildlife shots when I can take a few days to tent camp in the area I will be capturing images at. My wife and I go together. I carry a camera, and she carries a rifle with a rifle cartridge holder stretched over the stock. We have had some close encounters with bears and other creatures over the years. My pro camera with a long lens is heavy, and we both carry packs with food and gear to survive a week in the field. She is my security in the field. She is a crack shot with the ability to drive a tack at 150 yards or more. She can work a heavy caliber bolt action about as fast as some guys trying to stay on target with a semi-automatic. Continue reading My Wife Offers Armed Security when I Am on Wildlife Photo Shoots Where Dangerous Game Also Live

Moving is Going to Be Very Exciting for Me

When I learned that my office was being shut down, but that each of the managers in our department were welcome to transfer to another branch in our company, I was not in a panic. I welcomed the possibility of change, after learning all of my options. I had wanted to live in Florida for a long time, and it looked like I was getting my chance to do just that. We have an office there, and the coordinator helping us to make the transition told me to take a look at The Marq Highland Park and some other apartment buildings in the area to see which one I would like to live in.

My boss told me that transitioning to another office would be coming with a big raise and an extra living costs benefit for one year. They planned to give me $800 per month to put toward renting a place, and that sounded fantastic to me. And after looking at the places that the coordinator had told me about, I was even more excited. Each of the places were absolutely beautiful and did not look like any apartments I had lived in, in the past.

I ended up choosing to live at the first place I heard about, which was The Marq. The place looked amazing online, and I had complete trust that I did not have to fly out to see it in person. The floor plans were set up so that it feels like you are inside your very own house. Everything is modern and new looking. There are no boring butcher block counter tops and drab carpeting. The walls are painted in modern colors, which is really nice because so many places will not allow you to even paint their white walls another color. My extra living cost benefit is going to come in handy there!

I Got My Best Friend a Chartered Bus for His Wedding Day

My best friend was getting married and I did not know what to get him. I really get along great with his bride to be, and I wanted to have something special for the both of them. I found out that they were getting married on a tight budget even though family and friend obligations had them have a pretty big wedding party. There would have been too many hard feelings if they left anyone out. I guess that is the price of being friendly and popular. I knew they weren’t rich, so getting them a chartered bus for their wedding day was something I really wanted to do. There were just too many people in the wedding party to be comfortable in a standard limo. Plus, I knew that a party bus is a whole lot better because you can stand up in them. Continue reading I Got My Best Friend a Chartered Bus for His Wedding Day

An Apartment That Has More Features Than Most Houses

I really like a heated saltwater swimming pool. It is like the ocean in tropical places I have visited. When I heard they had one at one of the nicer places that offer Orlando apartments to lease, I had to check it out. My wife and I have been looking for a place. Our lease is coming up for renewal, and we wanted to look around before signing for another year. When we saw the specs for the Murano opening up in the summer of 2016, we had to book an early lease. I would move in right now if the place was open. My wife said she would go too. We would leave our lease that is up in three months to move there today. It would be worth it to pay out the rent until the lease expires. Continue reading An Apartment That Has More Features Than Most Houses

Having a Gym at the Apartment Complex Was the Kicker for Me

When I got the promotion I socked the money away for almost two years. I lived very frugally since college. My new bride is also as frugal as me. However, we really did not like our apartment, and we started looking for a new place. The only splurges we have are the clothes for our careers, but on the weekends we are in jeans and tee shirts. Sweatpants when we are at the house. We looked at a lot of places, but we settled on a place being constructed. We saw it at

We went back and forth about putting out the money to get such a nice place. We never had a place like that growing up, but we are doing very well at our jobs. We really did want a nice place to come home to. Due to the number of hours we put in, we knew we were not ready for a house. It would require too much of a maintenance obligation, and we both have to work some weekends. Getting in on an early lease at was just too much to pass up. Continue reading Having a Gym at the Apartment Complex Was the Kicker for Me

A Limo Ride I Will Never Forget

We were on track with our budget when we got married. We planned on having children in about two years. My wife wanted us to get ahead in paying our mortgage, and I really wanted us to have a Lincoln Navigator. We both like SUVs, and it was one we both agreed on. Right now we had a used minivan I bought from my brother. Well, long story short, we got pregnant way ahead of schedule. That kind of threw a monkey wrench in the budget plans. I found out about it after my wife visited planning an evening for us.

She rented the Lincoln Navigator stretch limo. The whole evening including the dinner was the last splurge we were going to have in a really long time. I just did not know it at the time. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a spendthrift. I wear clothes from the department stores, I wear my shoes until they are worn out, and we only dine out about once a month at family restaurants. We put our money into our house and savings. Continue reading A Limo Ride I Will Never Forget

A Bus for Her Big Party This Weekend

When I decided to throw my sister a surprise bachelorette party, I knew that I had to be careful on what we did for that very special night. I knew that we could keep it clean and simple by just having a night at one of our houses, but that was just a little too boring for me. She is only getting married once, so she deserves to have the best bachelorette party ever. That is why I finally decided to look at the top Toronto companies for renting out party buses.

I had looked into a lot of different fun ideas for the 20 or so of us to do, but there was only one thing that really stood out to me. I read where some other bride to be’s and their closest friends and family had a lot of fun with renting a party bus. Continue reading A Bus for Her Big Party This Weekend

I Am Saving More Money Now

If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is when a company raises its price past the point of expectation. I see it constantly, and I finally decided to not be a part of the problem any longer. Rather than fume as I continue to pay higher prices, I opted instead to find cheaper alternatives. This is for everything from gasoline prices, restaurant prices and television prices to name just a few. When my cable company told me they were raising the price yet again, I did a search for Direct TV in Aledo. Continue reading I Am Saving More Money Now

Presentation is ALways Important in Business

While browsing the Internet one day for some funny videos to watch, I found a pop up ad, with the message “click here”. I didn’t need an invoice for any reason, but I had a friend who did. My friend is an up and coming game developer, and he has already made a few games for the PC. He sells the games from his website. I’ve played the games, and they are pretty good, but there’s just one thing that irks me. Whenever you buy the game from his website, he sends an email with the access code for the game in an invoice.

Normally, there would be nothing wrong with this, but for my friend, this wasn’t too great for him, because his invoice looked terrible. The invoice looked like something I could have thrown together in a paint application in no time, and I’m terrible at using the paint application. I’ve told him that he needs to make the invoice look better, but he didn’t listen to me. He told me that the invoice wasn’t really important, and that the game was the only thing that mattered to the customers. He didn’t realize that everything is important, including presentation.

I sent my friend the link from the pop up ad and told him to go there and get a new invoice. He didn’t want to do it, but after enough coaxing, I was able to talk him into doing it. He downloaded the template and used it in place of the old one. He assured me that the invoice itself didn’t matter at all. I told him to put a survey on his website to see if the customers liked the new invoice and he agreed. Two weeks after he started using the invoice, he shared with me the results of the poll. Everyone liked the new invoice.

Looking to Expand Our Product Line

We have decided that we need to expand our business a little if we want to bring in more money. Right now it is a cross between a beauty shop and a barber shop, but of course it used to be the garage of the house that Lida and I bought about a year ago. So we have started to deal in wigs and hair extensions. It is a pretty tough thing for you to know about before you see the product. For example we have people wanting to sell us my natural hair extensions. However you have to have the extensions in your hands so you can see what they look like and what they feel like as well. Continue reading Looking to Expand Our Product Line

The Importance of Reading and Studying the Classics

Five Ancient Roman Sources Every Roman History Major Should Read ...For centuries, education in the West was based around an in-depth study of the Greek and Latin classics. In recent decades, however, these classic works have fallen off of the curriculum in many schools. Far too many students are able to graduate from high school without ever reading a play by Sophocles or Aeschylus, or without encountering Plato, Cicero, Horace or any of the other literary giants of the Greek and Roman world. However, without having at least a passing familiarity with these writers, it can be difficult to fully understand much of the literature that comes after their time.

Much of the Western canon involves a reaction or response to these earlier writers. Continue reading The Importance of Reading and Studying the Classics

Just Because the Text is Old Does Not Mean It’s Not Useful

 ... Greek mythology has strongly influenced Western art and literatureThere are many people that feel that ancient literature is completely outdated. Even though no one can debate the fact that ancient literature is very old, it is very important to consider the content of some pieces of ancient literature before completely ruling out the fact that it does not have any benefit for us today. There are many people that spend almost their entire life studying writings from Bronze Age Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt to early medieval works from the fifth to ninth century AD.

One reason that people have taken such an interest in these ancient writings it is because they feel like we can learn a lot about past civilizations based on the writings that have been left for us. Continue reading Just Because the Text is Old Does Not Mean It’s Not Useful