Our Country is Rapidly Becoming More Progressive

When my spouse asked me if I wanted to get into the pot-selling business with him, I laughed and dismissed his question at first. He told me that he wasn’t joking, and said that he had been thinking about it and hoped that the two of us could own and run a dispensary together now that it is legal to do. I was thinking about the conversation while watching a demonstration yesterday to learn about a new marijuana trimming machine that I was thinking of purchasing for our business. Never did I think that this would be something that would become the norm in our country, but it is for the best that this topic is now a positive one!

I went to grade school in the seventies, and we were often shown really corny, ridiculous videos in the classroom that pointed out that people who become “potheads” ruin their lives and will never go anywhere in life as a result. When I got older, I learned that marijuana does not deserve the bad rap that it gets at all. It took many people in the rest of the country many decades to realize that it isn’t a bad thing at all. The medical community now agrees that it deserves a place in the medical world because people who have chronic illnesses are helped by it in so many different ways.

My niece has epilepsy and has suffered through terrible seizures for many years. Her doctors tried different medications over the years that helped to somewhat lessen the severity of the seizures as well as the number of them that she had each week. Nothing really solved the problem, and she had no choice but to live at home with her parents because she could not drive or work. Now that she is given prescription marijuana, she hasn’t had any seizures in the last 9 months. She’s now able to work and can go places alone. She feels she’s been given a chance at finally living a good life.