My Wife Offers Armed Security when I Am on Wildlife Photo Shoots Where Dangerous Game Also Live

I like outdoor photography. I get some of my best wildlife shots when I can take a few days to tent camp in the area I will be capturing images at. My wife and I go together. I carry a camera, and she carries a rifle with a rifle cartridge holder stretched over the stock. We have had some close encounters with bears and other creatures over the years. My pro camera with a long lens is heavy, and we both carry packs with food and gear to survive a week in the field. She is my security in the field. She is a crack shot with the ability to drive a tack at 150 yards or more. She can work a heavy caliber bolt action about as fast as some guys trying to stay on target with a semi-automatic.

We have never had to dispatch any threats in the field, but I am glad she has my back. She has had me look at my surroundings on more than one occasion when I was focused on approaching something a few hundred yards out. One day she kept us from crossing paths with a momma bear and her cubs. We got some great shots from a safe distance. I’m not a bear whisperer. I just want to take pictures of them. I am fine only getting as close as a 600mm lens will let me. There is an exhilaration getting close enough to something that can turn around and eat you. It makes for great pictures for people that never get to see things like this up close and personal. You do have to take precautions though. These are wild animals. It is not a petting zoo, and that is why my wife accompanies me on my wildlife photo shoots with a high-powered rifle with extra ammo.