My Favorite Movie from when I Was Younger

There is one great movie from when I was a kid that I still love as a forty one year old adult. I think that it is great that the new generations know the movie the Goonies. It’s a great movie because its about kids who work their way through the different trials and adversities that they face together. They work together to get things done. Most kids today are online looking for things like a snapchat hack or another way to get more followers on their social media accounts. I think that it is a waste of money to go and spend money on things like electronics for your kids. In my opinion, that is the biggest reason why we have so many problems today. I think that kids like to sit and stay inside when they can see the world at their fingertips.

I made my daughter go outside and hike in the back woods of our house. I wanted to make sure that we could go out and she could be used to the cold and other types of weather. I think that it is really important to really listen to what your heart tells you is right as a parent because there is no one book that could help every parent. There is no one size fits all that is good for parenting. I wanted to make sure that I would be good to take my daughter out with my friends and I when we went hiking during the year. We go out to the mountains and my daughter can navigate herself through all of the woods on her own, and I am very proud of this. It’s important that we go and take care of our kids the best that we can since they are eventually going to be adults.