My Family Issue with Chronic Back Pain Finally Got Around to Me

Back problems run in my family. You should hear the war stories of back pain when we get together for a family reunion or at Thanksgiving dinner. Every aunt, uncle, grandparent, parent and cousin has a story of aching backs. I never bought into it as a kid, but in my twenties my back really started to bother me. Mine was in my neck and shoulders. It was so bad that my posture was changing. I had all kinds of tests, and I was told that there was little that showed up as damage. A chiropractor in Redding is who finally got me relief. My back bothered me so bad at times that I actually considered letting a surgeon look around to see if he could find something that was not showing up on MRIs and CT scans. Can you imagine that?

After a few weeks of adjustments and exercises tailored especially for me, my back feels tremendously better. In addition to being a family of aching backs, we are an eclectic bunch when it comes to careers. I noticed that the less mobile of us on the job seem to hurt or at least complain more. I had a computer job, and I was leaning forward all day long. It was wrecking my back and my posture. I was putting pressure on nerves and blood vessels that ran down my arms, and that caused coldness and tingling at times. I was also feeling tingling in my right ear and around my nose and mouth. I had some serious cervical spine issues going on as my circulatory system checked out to be fine.

This was all nerve problems due to pressure on the spine. The blood vessels in my arm would be squeezed when I leaned forward at my desk. That is consistent with thoracic outlet syndrome. It was not comfortable, and getting the relief by visiting a chiropractor in Redding was a very helpful thing for me as I was at my wit’s end.