My Dog is My Running Partner

I love to run, but I don’t like running by myself. None of my friends or family members share my passion, but I was not about to let that stop me from enjoying myself with a running partner. I simply went to the local animal shelter and adopted a young black lab pup. She is actually about a year old, and she is quick! I knew that she would be the perfect companion for running, but I still had to buy a collar and leash for her. I decided to look at a waist belt dog leash after asking some people on a runner’s forum about the supplies needed for a dog on a running trail.

One of them suggested that I look at the leash waist belt package that they had also purchased online. She gave me the website address for it, and I was really surprised at the savings on the package. The package includes a waist belt, a traction leash, a water bottle holder and a snack pack. I realized that whoever had designed this is either a genius or has taken their own dog on the running trails more than once.

I was able to choose from black and gray. I chose the gray color since the black would have been lost on my black lab. When it arrived, we tested it out the same day. I can either hold the leash in my hand or I can attach it to my own belt, and we can run to our hearts’ delight. I thought I would have to take it easy on my pup those first few outings, but it is more the other way around. He can and did run circles around me! We have settled into a good routine now, and I cannot imagine running with anyone else now!