Moving is Going to Be Very Exciting for Me

When I learned that my office was being shut down, but that each of the managers in our department were welcome to transfer to another branch in our company, I was not in a panic. I welcomed the possibility of change, after learning all of my options. I had wanted to live in Florida for a long time, and it looked like I was getting my chance to do just that. We have an office there, and the coordinator helping us to make the transition told me to take a look at The Marq Highland Park and some other apartment buildings in the area to see which one I would like to live in.

My boss told me that transitioning to another office would be coming with a big raise and an extra living costs benefit for one year. They planned to give me $800 per month to put toward renting a place, and that sounded fantastic to me. And after looking at the places that the coordinator had told me about, I was even more excited. Each of the places were absolutely beautiful and did not look like any apartments I had lived in, in the past.

I ended up choosing to live at the first place I heard about, which was The Marq. The place looked amazing online, and I had complete trust that I did not have to fly out to see it in person. The floor plans were set up so that it feels like you are inside your very own house. Everything is modern and new looking. There are no boring butcher block counter tops and drab carpeting. The walls are painted in modern colors, which is really nice because so many places will not allow you to even paint their white walls another color. My extra living cost benefit is going to come in handy there!