Looking to Expand Our Product Line

We have decided that we need to expand our business a little if we want to bring in more money. Right now it is a cross between a beauty shop and a barber shop, but of course it used to be the garage of the house that Lida and I bought about a year ago. So we have started to deal in wigs and hair extensions. It is a pretty tough thing for you to know about before you see the product. For example we have people wanting to sell us my natural hair extensions. However you have to have the extensions in your hands so you can see what they look like and what they feel like as well. It is not that easy to realize this, but people really care about the feel of the product and you would get that if you had held some of these things in your hand. A lot of the time they have a greasy feel to them. Of course there are other people involved in this, because the buyer of the hair extension is going to usually have a relationship with a man or a woman, and that person is the one who is going to notice that the hair does not feel the way that it should. You have to figure it out for yourself before you sell the stuff and so we are making people send us samples before we buy. They often do not want to go along with that, but of course for all they know we are just looking to get one extension for free. However we just do not want to be buying stuff that will not sell. Obviously we have a lot of other hair products that we can sell, it takes up a tiny amount of space.