Just Because the Text is Old Does Not Mean It’s Not Useful

 ... Greek mythology has strongly influenced Western art and literatureThere are many people that feel that ancient literature is completely outdated. Even though no one can debate the fact that ancient literature is very old, it is very important to consider the content of some pieces of ancient literature before completely ruling out the fact that it does not have any benefit for us today. There are many people that spend almost their entire life studying writings from Bronze Age Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt to early medieval works from the fifth to ninth century AD.

One reason that people have taken such an interest in these ancient writings it is because they feel like we can learn a lot about past civilizations based on the writings that have been left for us. Even though mankind has made drastic improvements as far as technology, medicine and other fields is concerned, the human race is still the exact same in many ways. There is a lot that we can learn from the good things and the bad things people have done in the past.

One objection that many people make is that since ancient writings are so old and since humans have come so far along in science then we should discredit ancient literature. Upon examination of many works of the past we see that even though science has drastically changed within the last 200 years we can still learn a lot from some ancient writings. For example, there are parts of the Hebrew Bible that are actually quite accurate with modern science. The Bible is not a science textbook, but it is accurate when it comes to some scientific things. For example, the ancient nation of Israel had laws that kept the nation clean and free from bacteria, germs and microorganisms that many of the surrounding nations did not know about. We can learn a lot from the writings in this book.