I Wanted Other People to See Me for Who I Really Am

I woke up about the tattoos on my arms when I went one year struggling to find a job outside of the grocery store I worked at. I still love tattoos, but not everyone else likes when you have scary skulls and demons inked onto on your body. People judge you whether you like it or not. This is why I looked for a good aesthetic and laser clinic for Singapore people who want to remove any artwork they have on their bodies for various reasons. I did not get all of mine removed, but the ones that seem to be offensive to other people needed to go.

I am now a graphic artist and work in an office where everyone else is also very creative and accepting of things that are different. Previously, I had been working in a grocery store. I used to be very rebellious and loved art that depicts things that are scary to others. I’m not a devil worshipper. I’m not into death or anything like that. In fact, I have a family that I love very much. I have a wife and a child. I love to read, paint and hang out with my family. I’m very gentle and kind by nature. But the art on my arms that other people could see made them very uncomfortable. It held me back in a lot of ways.

When I went to school to be a graphic artist, I knew that it would be more acceptable in my future profession to have the tattoos that I had. But I also wanted to be welcomed by people in other walks of life, too. Up until that point, I was only able to secure a job working in a grocery store, and that was not fair. So, I knew that getting the tattoos on my arms removed was the right thing to do for my future.