I Need All the Help That I Can Get to Graduate

I watched my sister really fight to try spend only four years getting her degree, and she was unable to do that. It took her seven years to graduate. When I started failing in one of my classes, I decided that I would finding some help with H2 physics tuition courses that would help supplement the class that I was failing at in school. I didn’t even gain admission to college until I was 24, and the thought of it taking 7 or more years to get my degree would mean that I wouldn’t graduate until I reach my thirties. Landing a proper job that pays well is something that I want to do soon rather than later.

The main reason that I started college so late is because I was my mother’s caretaker for many years. My sister helped out as well, but considering that I couldn’t go to school while taking care of our mother, I felt that it would be good if my sibling went to the local university while I continued to be a caretaker at home. At least that way, one of us would be moving toward graduating. Mom passed away when I was 24, and it was only then that I allowed myself to enter school.

Our mother did everything for us when my sister and I were growing up. My father was nowhere to be found after I was born, and mom never complained about that. She worked and she took care of us. She never asked for any assistance. If we had very little food, she gave us more food and she ate less food herself. If we needed shoes, she made sure that we had what we needed, and she walked around the house in slippers instead. It was an honor to be her caretaker before she passed, and now my sibling and I are fulfilling our promise to go to college like we promised mom that we would do.