I Have Been Really Busy

It is a long day for me lately, since I have been working almost full time in physics tuition aside from going to classes full time. I am up at five in the morning and it takes me very little time to get ready and then I am working with this one pupil before she goes to school. It would be hard to justify this if not for what her father is paying me, the effort required is pretty tough to maintain day after day. Of course she is coming up on her placement examinations and so it is a really stressful time for her. If she did not have plenty of money (her father’s money I mean), then it would not make any sense for her to hire a tutor. She is fully capable of getting a pretty good grade in all of her courses, but that is not the objective. The idea is to get a perfect grade so that she can get into any school that she wants. She wants to go to Oxford or Cambridge, which means that she would need to have all sorts of qualifications.

I have been trying to figure out what is going on with my girlfriend too, although to be honest I am not really sure if that is a good description of how things stand right now. She seemed to be chasing me at first, at least that is how I interpreted the way she acted. It is a good idea not to assume things like that and now she has gone cold just like the way it can suddenly get colder when a cloud obscures the sun. At any rate I have so little time that it seems she may have decided I was not paying enough attention to her.