I Had Torn Some Tissue

I fell down while walking down the street. It was quite embarrassing because I didn’t even trip over anything other than my own feet. There was a tiny bump in the sidewalk that I feel might have been the cause, but no one else seemed to have a problem with it. Anyway, I was in a lot of pain because I used both arms to catch myself as I fell forward. I didn’t break any bones, but I was certainly sore enough from this to visit a chiropractor in Peoria a few days after the accident.

I was going to go to my regular doctor, but I changed my mind because of where the pain was located. I figured that my doctor would just want me to go to the hospital and have X-rays done, but I could tell that nothing was broken. I was able to use my arm, it was just the range of motion that I was having trouble with. I figured a chiropractor would be able to tell exactly where the damage was and come up with a plan to fix it without me having to take pills or even have any kind of surgery.

Though I knew that was a long shot, it was still something that did concern me. I wanted to go to someone who was going to do more than just treat the plan but also someone who was not going to go to the extreme to figure out why I was hurting like I was. I knew that a chiropractor would take a more holistic approach to my injury, and I was so happy when I was finally sitting in the office of a local chiropractor later that week. It was determined that I had torn some tissue, and the chiropractor was able to help get me back on track to where I was not hurting. It did take several weeks, but I feel better than ever now.