I Got My Best Friend a Chartered Bus for His Wedding Day

My best friend was getting married and I did not know what to get him. I really get along great with his bride to be, and I wanted to have something special for the both of them. I found out that they were getting married on a tight budget even though family and friend obligations had them have a pretty big wedding party. There would have been too many hard feelings if they left anyone out. I guess that is the price of being friendly and popular. I knew they weren’t rich, so getting them a chartered bus for their wedding day was something I really wanted to do. There were just too many people in the wedding party to be comfortable in a standard limo. Plus, I knew that a party bus is a whole lot better because you can stand up in them.

The charted bus I got them for their wedding even has a dance pole. We aren’t teenagers anymore, and I could imagine some of the folks in the wedding party getting footage for one of those funny video shows on TV. We’ll see. The wedding is coming up on us fast. I asked them if it was okay to get them the party bus. They were extremely happy for the offer, but they told me that it was too expensive for me to do. Well, the cost to rent the party bus for a wedding was not that bad. It was much less than what I thought it would be considering it has to have a professional driver that stays with you.

I’m looking forward to the wedding, and I am glad we will all be in a chartered bus. I do not drink alcohol, but some of the people in the wedding party do. I am glad they will not be driving on the day of the wedding.