I Finally Figured out Where My Passion is in Life

Going to school was something that I always did because I liked seeing my friends. This is something that always bothered my parents. They worried that I might one day be a failure when it comes to the work world. But they did not need to fear, because once I grew older and had my first chance to take a visual communication course at school, I found my passion. I found what would give me my drive for the rest of my life.

I was never all that interested in what all my teachers had to say each day when I was in elementary school. They just droned on and on about things that did not seem very important to me. I did not fail any of my courses, but I also didn’t do wonderfully in them either. I really did not understand why I needed to learn really hard math because I just could not see how it would need to apply to live every day. Everything bored me. I paid attention enough just to pass the classes. But I’m lucky that I did because passing is what I needed to do to get into college and learn a skill that would keep me fed and clothed for the rest of my life.

When I took a visual communication course in school, I found myself suddenly interest. I found myself feeling happy. I brought this up to my mom and dad, and they were elated for me. They both said that I needed to discuss this with my teacher and counselors to see what it could lead me. So, that’s what I did the very next week, and they set up a schedule for me that laid out all the courses that I should take to further my interest. I am so thankful for that.