Having a Gym at the Apartment Complex Was the Kicker for Me

When I got the promotion I socked the money away for almost two years. I lived very frugally since college. My new bride is also as frugal as me. However, we really did not like our apartment, and we started looking for a new place. The only splurges we have are the clothes for our careers, but on the weekends we are in jeans and tee shirts. Sweatpants when we are at the house. We looked at a lot of places, but we settled on a place being constructed. We saw it at www.altishighlandpark.com.

We went back and forth about putting out the money to get such a nice place. We never had a place like that growing up, but we are doing very well at our jobs. We really did want a nice place to come home to. Due to the number of hours we put in, we knew we were not ready for a house. It would require too much of a maintenance obligation, and we both have to work some weekends. Getting in on an early lease at www.altishighlandpark.com was just too much to pass up.

The hardwood floors, granite countertops, huge windows and being all brand new was very appealing to us. It made the place we were living in look like an old rundown wreck even though where we were at was relatively nice. The kitchen is the perfect size for the two of us. We both really like the dark wood cabinets and gray countertops. The place has great parking and a recreation center with billiards, video games, a giant TV and more. We can hardly wait to move in. After seeing the artist conceptual drawings and the specs, we signed right away. The on site gym was the kicker for me. No more commutes to the gym at five in the morning!