Finding Informative Details About Electric Guitars

My son’s music teacher in middle school assigned every student to write an essay on different instruments. My son was very happy to find out that he had to write about electric guitars. He told me this would be an easy instrument to write about since he has two uncles that play it. I told him to not only rely on what his uncles had to say but that she should also take a look at some electric guitar reviews from a reputable company that will provide information on more than one particular brand. He seemed disappointed at first but realized that it was probably a good idea to get more than one or two opinions on the subject of his essay.

I told him I would help him and together we found a website that had a wealth of information for him to pull from. This website offered many reviews on a large variety of electric guitars. We decided to read at least three or four reviews to gather information. It was quite enjoyed doing this together and we both learned a lot more than we thought we would. We learned that there are different types of guitars for different levels of player. These guitars were also made out of different types of wood and had different components for the electric part of it. It was very interesting, to say the least.

Before we knew it, he had gathered enough information to start writing his essay. I was very proud of him for being so thorough and writing an exceptionally informative report on electric guitars. It did not take him very long to complete this project. We went over it together to check for errors and only found a few. He was most proud when he received it back from his teacher with an A+.