Eating Healthier Without Sacrificing Taste

Every year, I make the same resolution. I am going to lose weight, and I am going to keep it off. Even if I am able to manage the first, the second one always proves to be impossible. My downfall are foods like french fries and chicken wings. I love anything that is not good for me, which kind of presents a problem. When I first heard of a fryer that does not use oil, I was intrigued. I decided to read some Power Air Fryer XL reviews before even thinking about buying one, because it just seemed to be a contradiction.

I did not see how something that is supposed to be greasy and delicious could still be good if it was cooked by air rather than oil. Yes, it did sound like it would be a lot healthier, but it also sounded like it would taste like cardboard too. That is why I was really surprised when I read the reviews and saw how positive they all were. I even read reviews by a few people who were having the same problem that I was having at the time. They did not want to give up their favorite foods either.

Well, with the purchase of this air fryer, that was something that did not have to happen. I admit that I do use a wee bit of oil when I make my chicken wings in the air fryer, but we are talking about a quarter of a teaspoon, which is a lot less than what I used to use when I would submerge the wings in a big pan of oil. I have ventured out and started making other foods in my air fryer, and I have actually been able to keep off the weight that I have lost since I bought this.