Ditching the Restrictions on Tax Prep

I used to work from home, which counted as self employment. When I would file my taxes, I could do it online for free at a particular website because I was under the income limit and age for their requirements. Since then, I’ve gotten a job outside of home and don’t have to deal with self employment forms like schedule SE anymore. This came with a downside of not being able to file for free because I made enough money to pass the income limit. Instead, I turned to tax software by Keystone Tax Solutions to file for federal and state taxes.

Although I could have used the website I was using before to file, I just didn’t like the restrictions they had in place and didn’t want to run into anymore in the future. Things don’t always happen the way people want them to, and if a situation arises where I have a job and work from home, then I’d have to file for self employment and with a W2, and I can just imagine the kind of limits that the website would have given me. Using software directly on my computer, I have control over everything and can include as much as I want.

Filing with software is surprisingly simple. Since the software is fully featured, I thought it would be harder to get used to, but the software made everything as easy as possible. Everything was clearly defined and there were notifications that describe everything. I’m not an expert on taxes, but I think I can fill out other people’s taxes and make a decent amount of money by charging them. People are especially willing to pay for tax preparation when the tax deadline is near, and may be willing to put in a little extra for fast service.