Cleaning Up My Rental Unit

Thanks to I’m now able to rent out one of my units faster than I thought I would be able to do. I make a fair amount of money renting out a few properties to families, and usually everything goes smoothly. I always try to make sure that I’m renting to good people who will take care of the properties, but occasionally some bad apples slip through my screening interviews. It happened recently and they practically destroyed the unit. I figured it would take days to get the place cleaned up so I could start showing it to people.

I had my handyman tackle some of the problems with fixtures, but I needed a cleaning service to stop by and get everything looking good. The company I found online looked like winners. They told me exactly what they would do and how long it would take. This sounded great to me so I hired them and they came out the next day. They set right to work and within several hours you could tell the unit would be looking a lot better. By the time they finished you would have never known that someone trashed the place. It looked that good.

I’m so happy with the work these people did for me that I’ve decided to hire them as my cleaning crew. Any time I’ve got renters moving out, I’m going to send these people in so that we can make sure everything is clean for the next family. I’ve also decided to have them clean my own home on a monthly basis because they are that good! I’m not someone who relishes the idea of cleaning up my home every week, so having them come in and work their magic is quite appealing. I’d recommend these people to anyone who needs a cleaning service.