An Apartment That Has More Features Than Most Houses

I really like a heated saltwater swimming pool. It is like the ocean in tropical places I have visited. When I heard they had one at one of the nicer places that offer Orlando apartments to lease, I had to check it out. My wife and I have been looking for a place. Our lease is coming up for renewal, and we wanted to look around before signing for another year. When we saw the specs for the Murano opening up in the summer of 2016, we had to book an early lease. I would move in right now if the place was open. My wife said she would go too. We would leave our lease that is up in three months to move there today. It would be worth it to pay out the rent until the lease expires.

I have never seen a place like this that is planned. It has everything we want. I have used saltwater swimming pools at a couple of different resorts we have visited on vacation. I cannot wait to have access to one anytime I want to swim. My wife is looking forward to having a gym in walking distance from the apartment. Plus, they are having live classes and what they call Fitness On-Demand. We are social creatures and are looking forward to the courtyard fire pit and sitting area to get to know the neighbors. We like community living.

The high-speed fiber optic to each apartment is great for me since I work mostly from home. I just need a fast Internet service for working with the video footage I edit for clients. We are both looking forward to long soaks in the 36 inch wide tub that will be in our bathroom. This is luxury apartment living at its best. No more laundromats or laundry rooms either as each apartment will have its own full size clothes washer and dryer.