A Side Business Selling a Product That Requires Commercial Equipment to Prepare and Package

I went to college to learn chemistry. I have worked for industrial plants and pharmaceutical companies as a chemist. Most of that work is monitoring or confirming what someone else has already made. I wanted to be more hands-on in making something that would help people. So, I came up with the idea of an organic white paint that did not present a volatile organic compound risk and was very earth-friendly. I sourced raw chemicals, bought a volumetric filling machine and paint cans and had a side business.

The paint was expensive to produce, so I knew it was a niche operation. My customers were mostly environmental activists and people with severe allergies who had to live somewhere else for weeks after any room in their home or apartment was repainted. I had one family buy paint for their daughter’s apartment who lived in the city. She had to stay there to commute to work, and the landlord insisted on repainting every room. He would not pay for my paint, so the parents paid the difference. He was a cranky kind of fellow, but he did like the quality of the paint and that it had no odor.

I will mix up a gross of one-gallon cans of paint a couple of times per month. People buy it and have it tinted at other paint places. I have not worked out a way to make tints that use pigments that meet my standards yet. If I could do that, I probably could go commercial with my product. Right now I do not mind just selling a brilliant white and cream version of my product. It suits the needs of most of my buyers who want a neutral shade on their interior walls. The paint cleans up well too. I have no trouble maintaining the volumetric filling machine it runs through after the cans are filled.