A Limo Ride I Will Never Forget

We were on track with our budget when we got married. We planned on having children in about two years. My wife wanted us to get ahead in paying our mortgage, and I really wanted us to have a Lincoln Navigator. We both like SUVs, and it was one we both agreed on. Right now we had a used minivan I bought from my brother. Well, long story short, we got pregnant way ahead of schedule. That kind of threw a monkey wrench in the budget plans. I found out about it after my wife visited starnightlimousine.ca planning an evening for us.

She rented the Lincoln Navigator stretch limo. The whole evening including the dinner was the last splurge we were going to have in a really long time. I just did not know it at the time. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a spendthrift. I wear clothes from the department stores, I wear my shoes until they are worn out, and we only dine out about once a month at family restaurants. We put our money into our house and savings. The SUV was a planned purchase. Now it is just on hold. I thought the limo ride in the Navigator was just a fun thing she added for the evening. She told me we were pregnant after dinner. I was ecstatic then concerned. I thought maybe she was disappointed. I am so glad she wasn’t, but she was worried about me.

I told her that the one time ride in the stretch limo Lincoln Navigator would be the best ride I would ever take in a vehicle next to our wedding day and the day we bring our baby home from the hospital. That was when she told me there would be two babies. Yep, the SUV was definitely going to be on hold for a time, but that is A-OK with me!