Cleaning Up My Rental Unit

Thanks to I’m now able to rent out one of my units faster than I thought I would be able to do. I make a fair amount of money renting out a few properties to families, and usually everything goes smoothly. I always try to make sure that I’m renting to good people who will take care of the properties, but occasionally some bad apples slip through my screening interviews. It happened recently and they practically destroyed the unit. I figured it would take days to get the place cleaned up so I could start showing it to people.

I had my handyman tackle some of the problems with fixtures, but I needed a cleaning service to stop by and get everything looking good. The company I found online looked like winners. They told me exactly what they would do and how long it would take. Continue reading Cleaning Up My Rental Unit

I Need All the Help That I Can Get to Graduate

I watched my sister really fight to try spend only four years getting her degree, and she was unable to do that. It took her seven years to graduate. When I started failing in one of my classes, I decided that I would finding some help with H2 physics tuition courses that would help supplement the class that I was failing at in school. I didn’t even gain admission to college until I was 24, and the thought of it taking 7 or more years to get my degree would mean that I wouldn’t graduate until I reach my thirties. Landing a proper job that pays well is something that I want to do soon rather than later.

The main reason that I started college so late is because I was my mother’s caretaker for many years. Continue reading I Need All the Help That I Can Get to Graduate

I Wanted Other People to See Me for Who I Really Am

I woke up about the tattoos on my arms when I went one year struggling to find a job outside of the grocery store I worked at. I still love tattoos, but not everyone else likes when you have scary skulls and demons inked onto on your body. People judge you whether you like it or not. This is why I looked for a good aesthetic and laser clinic for Singapore people who want to remove any artwork they have on their bodies for various reasons. I did not get all of mine removed, but the ones that seem to be offensive to other people needed to go.

I am now a graphic artist and work in an office where everyone else is also very creative and accepting of things that are different. Previously, I had been working in a grocery store. I used to be very rebellious and loved art that depicts things that are scary to others. I’m not a devil worshipper. I’m not into death or anything like that. In fact, I have a family that I love very much. I have a wife and a child. I love to read, paint and hang out with my family. I’m very gentle and kind by nature. But the art on my arms that other people could see made them very uncomfortable. It held me back in a lot of ways.

When I went to school to be a graphic artist, I knew that it would be more acceptable in my future profession to have the tattoos that I had. But I also wanted to be welcomed by people in other walks of life, too. Up until that point, I was only able to secure a job working in a grocery store, and that was not fair. So, I knew that getting the tattoos on my arms removed was the right thing to do for my future.

The Fastest Way to Move Forward

I used a forge of empires cheat as a way to thwart my friend, who loves the game and plays multiple times a day. We both started around the same time, but he’s made a lot more progress than I have. He started to get a bit cocky and said we should have a contest to see who could make the most progress in the game for one week. I talked him into putting some money on this harmless little wager and agreed to play against him. I have a job so he of course thought he would blow me out.

Little did he know I was going to use some sort of hack or cheat to steamroller him. I spent some time online trying to find a cheat that would work, and work well. I didn’t want to lose my money using some lousy, easily traceable hack that would result in me looking awful (and losing the bet at the same time). I finally found exactly what I was looking for online. Continue reading The Fastest Way to Move Forward

Our Country is Rapidly Becoming More Progressive

When my spouse asked me if I wanted to get into the pot-selling business with him, I laughed and dismissed his question at first. He told me that he wasn’t joking, and said that he had been thinking about it and hoped that the two of us could own and run a dispensary together now that it is legal to do. I was thinking about the conversation while watching a demonstration yesterday to learn about a new marijuana trimming machine that I was thinking of purchasing for our business. Continue reading Our Country is Rapidly Becoming More Progressive

I Help People Learn About What They Need in Life

As a young person, I wasn’t really concerned with anything outside of myself. I did not know that was a problem. As I grew older I realized that about myself, and I started working for the greater good and spent less time on myself. I now help people in the community by bringing issues to the forefront with meetings, protests, fliers and petitions. I really like how Singapore door to door flyer distribution helps me to get info out to the people who really need it, and it helps them to learn about different events or topics that they might not otherwise have known about.

We have a lot of services in the area, that not everyone knows about. Continue reading I Help People Learn About What They Need in Life

My Family Issue with Chronic Back Pain Finally Got Around to Me

Back problems run in my family. You should hear the war stories of back pain when we get together for a family reunion or at Thanksgiving dinner. Every aunt, uncle, grandparent, parent and cousin has a story of aching backs. I never bought into it as a kid, but in my twenties my back really started to bother me. Mine was in my neck and shoulders. It was so bad that my posture was changing. I had all kinds of tests, and I was told that there was little that showed up as damage. A chiropractor in Redding is who finally got me relief. My back bothered me so bad at times that I actually considered letting a surgeon look around to see if he could find something that was not showing up on MRIs and CT scans. Can you imagine that?

After a few weeks of adjustments and exercises tailored especially for me, my back feels tremendously better. In addition to being a family of aching backs, we are an eclectic bunch when it comes to careers. Continue reading My Family Issue with Chronic Back Pain Finally Got Around to Me

Learning to See Opportunity when Given a Chane to See the World

Our teenage son was not happy that we would have to spend the next six months in Japan. I go where my company sends me, and my wife is a successful novelist. She can work anywhere in the world. Our son has been uprooted a couple of times and had enough of it. He had good friends back home and did not want to go to Japan. He was withdrawn for the first week until I suggested he attend a Niseko snowboard school. He had been wanting to take a short trip to Colorado to learn snowboarding, and Niseko actually had a really good snowboarding school staffed by instructors that speak several languages including our native English.

After learning all he could about snowboarding, he went on the slopes at every opportunity. We bought him a pass to the slopes for the season. At the end of the six months, he was in no hurry to go back home. He made some friends in Japan, and he was actually picking up a decent amount of the language. Of course, it was a girl who was fond of him that caused all of his present interest in Japanese language and culture. Before we left I sat down with him and had one of those dad kind of conversations. Continue reading Learning to See Opportunity when Given a Chane to See the World

The Demand of Economic Growth on Resources

With the global economy beginning roo finally improve, you might have to be asking yourself how much is copper a pound. With improved economies comes the development of the citizens lives. New housing, Nye cities, new technologies and improved utilities for most people. Every home it’s going to need wishing and plumbing in order for anyone who expects a modern home to be attractive for sale. With all that modern infrastructure comes a great deal of copper for the wording in telephone and other communication sis that will stretch across vast distances. This it’s why it’s important for every country to take a seat at the global table of trade in order to help all countries to develop themselves.

Trade it’s no longer a linear concept. It’s a global, multi lateral agreement between the nation’s of ride world in order to bring some modicum of posterity for all people. The more successful the nation the more m money it’s people have to spend and save. Continue reading The Demand of Economic Growth on Resources

Storms Took Down Some Trees

I was not too worried about a few trees that were downed during a bad storm a few months ago. They were not close to the house, so I knew that I had time before I had to hire a company that does tree removal in Nassau County. I just did not have the money at the time because we were getting ready to go away on vacation, so I decided to put it off until we got back from the beach. As soon as we got home, that was the first thing on my list.

We have never had to have any trees removed before, so I asked my neighbor which tree company he used when he had some taken down last year. He had told us in general conversation that the price was really good, and that was something that I had always remembered. Continue reading Storms Took Down Some Trees

My House Was Too Hot Without AC

I had no idea just how spoiled I have become. If anyone would have asked me if I could go without air conditioning, I would have laughed at how ridiculous the question was. That was only until I had to go without my air for a couple of days. I was so miserable that I actually went to my mom’s house and stayed until I was able to get HVAC services in NYC to come out and take a look at my unit. I had no idea what was wrong with it, and I was not about to leave it to someone who is not a professional in that area.

The only thing I knew to do was to go online and look at the different companies that provide this type of service to residential customers. Before doing this, I had called someone that my neighbor had recommended, but they were not able to come out for almost a week away. There was no way I would be able to survive that! So, that is when I went online to see what I would be able to find on my own. I have to say I did a really good job of finding someone too!

The repairman that came out was extremely professional and friendly, and he actually explained what he was doing so I would not be left in the dark. It turned out that it needed a few small parts to it, and he happened to have them on his truck. He also cleaned it for me, and he suggested that I have it serviced at least once a year before the hot season even begins. He told me that I may have been able to avoid this if I had it inspected earlier this year. I am definitely doing that next spring, because I never want this to happen again.

Working on a Little App Project

I got this idea the other day when I was talking to this guy who was telling me that there were all sorts of programs for spying on other people’s messaging apps. There are literally hundreds of these spying apps, one of them lets you snoop on snapchat conversation. I think this is called snaphack and I played around with it, using my tablet and my phone to see how it worked. Of course my interest in how it works is based in the idea that an effective countermeasure might be a profitable app if I could develop it. All of these messaging platforms work in similar ways and in many case maintaining security is a rather important concept. Not all of the application involves thirteen year old girls talking about their favorite boy bands or who is cute at school. Some of the time the people chatting are involved in serious matters, like things that involve profit and loss. Those people have to worry that their competitors could be listening in.

At any rate no one is going to want to have uninvited guests on their private conversations. Continue reading Working on a Little App Project

Moving is Going to Be Very Exciting for Me

When I learned that my office was being shut down, but that each of the managers in our department were welcome to transfer to another branch in our company, I was not in a panic. I welcomed the possibility of change, after learning all of my options. I had wanted to live in Florida for a long time, and it looked like I was getting my chance to do just that. We have an office there, and the coordinator helping us to make the transition told me to take a look at The Marq Highland Park and some other apartment buildings in the area to see which one I would like to live in.

My boss told me that transitioning to another office would be coming with a big raise and an extra living costs benefit for one year. They planned to give me $800 per month to put toward renting a place, and that sounded fantastic to me. And after looking at the places that the coordinator had told me about, I was even more excited. Each of the places were absolutely beautiful and did not look like any apartments I had lived in, in the past.

I ended up choosing to live at the first place I heard about, which was The Marq. The place looked amazing online, and I had complete trust that I did not have to fly out to see it in person. The floor plans were set up so that it feels like you are inside your very own house. Everything is modern and new looking. There are no boring butcher block counter tops and drab carpeting. The walls are painted in modern colors, which is really nice because so many places will not allow you to even paint their white walls another color. My extra living cost benefit is going to come in handy there!

A Limo Ride I Will Never Forget

We were on track with our budget when we got married. We planned on having children in about two years. My wife wanted us to get ahead in paying our mortgage, and I really wanted us to have a Lincoln Navigator. We both like SUVs, and it was one we both agreed on. Right now we had a used minivan I bought from my brother. Well, long story short, we got pregnant way ahead of schedule. That kind of threw a monkey wrench in the budget plans. I found out about it after my wife visited planning an evening for us.

She rented the Lincoln Navigator stretch limo. The whole evening including the dinner was the last splurge we were going to have in a really long time. I just did not know it at the time. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a spendthrift. I wear clothes from the department stores, I wear my shoes until they are worn out, and we only dine out about once a month at family restaurants. We put our money into our house and savings. Continue reading A Limo Ride I Will Never Forget

I Needed to Look Nice for My Job Interview

If not for the Orchard nail salon, I doubt I would have aced my job interview and landed this plum job that pays me a lot of money for very little actual work. It’s a position where I have to look as good as possible for potential clients. Doing your hair at home is acceptable, but things like nail work have to be done by a professional. I take some of the credit for finding the best salon in the city to do the work, but really it’s just that they’re so good at what they do that all I had to do was show up.

Still, I had to get through the interview to get the job and that meant having professionals do everything. Continue reading I Needed to Look Nice for My Job Interview

Ditching the Restrictions on Tax Prep

I used to work from home, which counted as self employment. When I would file my taxes, I could do it online for free at a particular website because I was under the income limit and age for their requirements. Since then, I’ve gotten a job outside of home and don’t have to deal with self employment forms like schedule SE anymore. This came with a downside of not being able to file for free because I made enough money to pass the income limit. Instead, I turned to tax software by Keystone Tax Solutions to file for federal and state taxes.

Although I could have used the website I was using before to file, I just didn’t like the restrictions they had in place and didn’t want to run into anymore in the future. Continue reading Ditching the Restrictions on Tax Prep

A Side Business Selling a Product That Requires Commercial Equipment to Prepare and Package

I went to college to learn chemistry. I have worked for industrial plants and pharmaceutical companies as a chemist. Most of that work is monitoring or confirming what someone else has already made. I wanted to be more hands-on in making something that would help people. So, I came up with the idea of an organic white paint that did not present a volatile organic compound risk and was very earth-friendly. I sourced raw chemicals, bought a volumetric filling machine and paint cans and had a side business.

The paint was expensive to produce, so I knew it was a niche operation. Continue reading A Side Business Selling a Product That Requires Commercial Equipment to Prepare and Package

I Had Torn Some Tissue

I fell down while walking down the street. It was quite embarrassing because I didn’t even trip over anything other than my own feet. There was a tiny bump in the sidewalk that I feel might have been the cause, but no one else seemed to have a problem with it. Anyway, I was in a lot of pain because I used both arms to catch myself as I fell forward. I didn’t break any bones, but I was certainly sore enough from this to visit a chiropractor in Peoria a few days after the accident.

I was going to go to my regular doctor, but I changed my mind because of where the pain was located. I figured that my doctor would just want me to go to the hospital and have X-rays done, but I could tell that nothing was broken. Continue reading I Had Torn Some Tissue

Getting a Massage from My Chiropractor

I think that many people are familiar with the concept of there being a lot of great plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. When I think of Beverly Hills, I immediately think about my wonderful chiropractor, who I would consider to be the best Beverly Hills chiropractor. I think that if people focus as much energy and attention on their backs as they do their outward appearance, people living in Beverly Hills would have the best posture in the world. I’m a huge proponent of visiting the chiropractor regularly, and I tell all my friends that they really should schedule a visit.

Last time I was discussing my back with my friends, I mentioned the fact that not only did my chiropractor provide me with my regular adjustments, but he also provided me with a massage. They gave me a funny look, so I decided to clarify my statement. I don’t think a lot of people know this, but massage and basic chiropractic care go hand-in-hand. Being able to have a massage after traditional treatment is a bonus for your muscles. Continue reading Getting a Massage from My Chiropractor

Why I Hired an SEO Expert

It is very possible to have a fantastic website with very little traffic. The reasoning makes sense too, when you learn about it. I knew that I needed to hire an Atlanta SEO consultant after a friend of mine explained why my website was failing so miserably even though it was really nice. He told me to picture myself owning a fantastic store that had great products at incredible prices. I would have some foot traffic because of word of mouth, but that would be it unless I advertised so others knew about it.

That made sense to me. If I had a brick and mortar business, I would need to take out advertisements. The way online business works is through search engine optimization though. Continue reading Why I Hired an SEO Expert

My Dog is My Running Partner

I love to run, but I don’t like running by myself. None of my friends or family members share my passion, but I was not about to let that stop me from enjoying myself with a running partner. I simply went to the local animal shelter and adopted a young black lab pup. She is actually about a year old, and she is quick! I knew that she would be the perfect companion for running, but I still had to buy a collar and leash for her. I decided to look at a waist belt dog leash after asking some people on a runner’s forum about the supplies needed for a dog on a running trail. Continue reading My Dog is My Running Partner

Prescription Drug Detox for Florida is Helping People Reclaim Their Lives

Prescription drug addiction is at an all-time high in our country and is spiraling out of control. It affects people from all walks of life. There is no textbook definition of those affected by this addiction. The good news is that there is credible help out there for those plagued by this addiction. I did a simple internet search for prescription drug detox for Florida and found a wonderful place that provides affordable detox in a tranquil setting. This place seems to be very successful in helping their patient fight and beat this addiction.

This is a subject that has affected my family personally. I have a stepbrother that is a flight instructor in the United States Army. Of course, being in the Army he is very disciplined. He served one tour in Afghanistan and one tour in Iraq. Continue reading Prescription Drug Detox for Florida is Helping People Reclaim Their Lives

Eating Healthier Without Sacrificing Taste

Every year, I make the same resolution. I am going to lose weight, and I am going to keep it off. Even if I am able to manage the first, the second one always proves to be impossible. My downfall are foods like french fries and chicken wings. I love anything that is not good for me, which kind of presents a problem. When I first heard of a fryer that does not use oil, I was intrigued. I decided to read some Power Air Fryer XL reviews before even thinking about buying one, because it just seemed to be a contradiction.

I did not see how something that is supposed to be greasy and delicious could still be good if it was cooked by air rather than oil. Yes, it did sound like it would be a lot healthier, but it also sounded like it would taste like cardboard too. That is why I was really surprised when I read the reviews and saw how positive they all were. I even read reviews by a few people who were having the same problem that I was having at the time. Continue reading Eating Healthier Without Sacrificing Taste

I Needed Help Wtih Social Media Marketing

I have had a personal Facebook account for nearly eight years, and I am an avid Twitter user. I just started using Instagram about a year ago, but I really like it too. These are just three of the social media sites that I use to keep up with my friends and family as well as brands that I enjoy. That is why I wanted to find a company that handles social media marketing for Walnut Creek because I had no idea how to market my own brand. I saw the success that other companies were having, but I knew that it was much more involved other than just making a fun post on social media.

There had to be a way to get people to see the posts that I wanted to put, and that is where I was lacking in the appropriate skills. I wanted to learn about other kinds of marketing too. Continue reading I Needed Help Wtih Social Media Marketing

They Got My Daughter off of the Sauce

Young adult addiction treatment facilities really can help your daughter or your son beat an unhealthy addiction. My family recently went through a situation with my daughter, whose alcohol problem quickly became unmanageable after she went away to the university. College wasn’t the problem, however, as she had a problem throughout high school that my wife and I couldn’t prevent no matter what we tried. In a way I blame myself because I have always been a drinker and I think she picked up the habit from watching me crack open cold ones after work and on the weekends.

We caught her drinking several times throughout high school, and she threw a couple of parties at our home while we were away that required police intervention. Still, we just though (or maybe hoped) it was one of those youthful indulgences that would fade once she moved out and got on with her life. We certainly didn’t think it was chronic alcoholism. Continue reading They Got My Daughter off of the Sauce

Why You Need Discrete Graphics if You Edit Video

I started to get into shooting and editing video footage. I use a drone for some fantastic aerial shots. I passed the Part 107 test to get a remote pilot certificate so that I could use the footage in any way I pleased. I could not afford to upgrade my computer for one that was already outfitted for video editing, so I looked for the best budget graphics card I could find. In order to see your effects and transitions rendered in high definition in full time, you need to offload a lot of the processing to a good graphics card. It makes for a much nicer video editing experience. Continue reading Why You Need Discrete Graphics if You Edit Video